Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 AirPlay


Same elegance, same amazing sound but now in white. Watch a great movie on your iPad, click the AirPlay icon and you instantly enhance the experience with the awesome sound of BeoPlay A9 

Pricey but very efficient high quality built and design (aluminum).Very light (under 10lbs) and compact,yet very powerful;can easily be carried from one room to the other for great flexibility and convenience.Well balanced hi-fi sound with surprisingly strong bass output down to 38 hz.Fully compatible with old 30 pins or lightning cnx (included in box).Dock and recharge any iDevice swiftly while playing.

With the aux input,can serve as a high end sound bar for TV. Can play surprisingly loud without any distortion,and is capable of filling a large room,but will perform at its best in a medium (or small) room. Could be the only system you will ever need in a small apartment ,or at the cottage.Airplay and dlna capability.I am very impressed with overall quality of this component .It is not just about good looks.I am finally able to release anywhere throughout the house, all that digital music that has been trapped digitally,and with beautiful sound , at the touch of a small screen.


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